Investing in an Ammonia Cooling
System for Your Location

Many companies are on need of a better solution for their industrial refrigeration needs. They are tired of downtime, frustrated with repair costs, and tired of disappointing customers because of failures in their outdated system. Many are turning to new solutions, including an ammonia cooling system. In many situations, this can be one of the biggest investments a company in terms of long-term success. Is it time for you to consider this move as well?

Where It All Starts

If you are weighing the benefits of an ammonia cooling system, the process starts with a call to our team. We will talk about your business’ needs, and the various benefits our solutions can offer. A large part of the process will involve discussion regarding customization. The goal here is for our team learn your needs, and then to work to build a solution that fits them. In short, you want to work with a company that can handle both the design and the installation of your refrigeration system so your operation can reap the benefits of a fully customized solution.

No matter what your needs, you will want a solution that delivers reliable results. Any business planning to compete in today’s challenging market needs to have the right system in place to keep costs down and to improve the final product. We can help you with that!

When the time comes to upgrade your refrigeration system, call on McNeil Industrial. Our team offers the ammonia cooling system solutions that can help to ensure your business is reliable and successful for decades to come. Call us for more information at 800-728-6160.

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