Ammonia Refrigeration Contractors

and the Importance of PSM

If your company deals with hazardous substances in pressurized systems, you must take special precautions. If not, employees and anyone entering your facility could face dangerous situations. These hazards can affect the environment, and PSM (process safety management) addresses these issues and shows you how to control them. Since PSM is an essential part of maintaining an ammonia refrigerating system, it is very important to use ammonia refrigeration contractors with PSM experience.

What Does PSM Include?

The main goal of a good process safety management program is to keep hazardous materials from escaping pressurized systems. The entire chemical process undergoes evaluation including:

  • Design
  • Technology
  • Corrosion factors
  • Risk management
  • Hazards analysis
  • Emergency action plans
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Work environment
  • Safety awareness training programs

Who Needs PSM?

Are there at least ten thousand pounds of anhydrous ammonia at your facility? Are you planning on making changes to your refrigeration system that puts you over the limits? If this is the case, you need to comply with OSHA’s rules for highly hazardous chemicals. The rules have a long list of terms, definitions, and things you need to understand.

Some companies many not know if they need process system management and PSM qualified ammonia refrigeration contractors like McNeil Industrial are the companies to contact. We can give you a total audit.

Your PSM Responsibilities Extends to Others Working on Your Property

Anytime you hire contractors to work at your facility, they must comply with all the PSM rules and regulations. Also, employee involvement is not an option, according to the Clean Air Act Amendments. Employers must consult with employees about PSM, and provide all the necessary training and information. When you need to make changes, upgrades, or repairs, ammonia refrigeration contractors with PSM experience can answer all your questions and help you with compliance.

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