Ammonia Refrigeration Companies – Why
You Should Choose McNeil Industrial

If your business depends on large industrial refrigeration equipment, proper maintenance is essential. Also, you might think about upgrading or replacing equipment, or maybe you’re moving into a new facility. When you have needs like these, you should use one of the best ammonia refrigeration companies. Here are some good reasons to come to McNeil Industrial.

Service On-Demand

Many businesses run day and night, and if you have problems, you want service that is there when you need them. McNeil Industrial is a 24-hour company, and we can come to your place of business, troubleshoot problems, and make repairs anytime of the night or day, and any day of the week.

Compressor Service

With large industrial applications, compressor replacements are common. McNeil Industrial can install new compressors or rebuild your current ones, and not all ammonia refrigeration companies can do this for you. This is an important consideration for older equipment because you might not always find the parts you need.


When you come to McNeil Industrial for preventative maintenance, we help you protect your investment. We work with you to give you a custom service agreement designed to keep your equipment in top condition and lessen or eliminate many common problems. With the right service agreement, you’ll have fewer downtime issues and greater efficiency.

A well-tuned refrigeration system uses less energy. This can save you money on energy bills all through the year and lower operating costs too.

Engineering Services

Many ammonia refrigeration companies can give you service and repairs. However, not all offer complete services. Do you need help designing a new system? Our engineering staff can custom design any system you need. We offer expert design services and install what we design. Our services are fully PSM program compliant and we are ISNet World registered. Visit our contact page today for more details.

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