4 Benefits of Ammonia
Industrial Refrigeration Systems

Many industrial refrigeration systems use ammonia refrigerant. Ammonia for refrigeration (NH3) is nothing new, and its history dates back to the mid-19th Century. However, it still remains an important tool in large commercial and industrial applications. In fact, the industry is so large that some companies (like McNeil Industrial) specialize in industrial refrigeration services. Here are four benefits of this time-tested refrigerant.

1. Efficiency

The properties of ammonia make it perfect for refrigeration use. For example, ammonia’s cooling capacity is greater than other refrigerants. In other words, it takes less ammonia than halocarbon refrigerants to get the job done, so the system does not need to work as hard. In large applications, it is one of the most efficient refrigerants you can use.

2. Cost-Effective

Because ammonia is very efficient, companies with industrial cooling or chilling equipment can save a lot of energy with NH3 systems. Savings are sometimes fifteen percent or more. This represents substantial savings in a large operation. Ammonia refrigerant is readily available and inexpensive, which adds to its cost effectiveness. You can buy anhydrous ammonia from industrial refrigeration services at affordable prices.

3. Good for the Environment

Even though NH3 emits toxic fumes, these fumes are not hazardous to the environment. When ammonia release to the atmosphere it rapidly rises because it’s lighter than the air. It only takes a few days for ammonia to decompose, and it releases nitrogen in the process. Unlike some refrigerants, ammonia does no harm to the ozone layer, and is not a hazard after it gets into the atmosphere.

4. Fumes

Ammonia fumes are toxic, but easy to detect. When there is a leak in a system, you will know about it quickly, and be able to take action. Ammonia is relatively safe from explosion hazards, except under certain conditions. However, handling ammonia does require training, and safety precautions, and you should always use trusted industrial refrigeration services. Contact McNeil Industrial to learn more!

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